The smart home has officially evolved. Meet your new BrightWatch AwareHome™

'Smart' might not be so smart, after all. What makes an AwareHome™?

Not just smart devices, smart implementation.

Smart home technology is evolving at a blistering pace. But it's the implementation of it where the difference is made. A sensor that can detect a water or gas leak is awesome. A system that can detect a leak and then cut off the water or gas is aware.

Professionally monitored, actively managed.

Your security system protects your home and family. Your BrightWatch system actively monitors and protects itself so it can better protect your home and family,

Always available.

As we bring more devices into our homes, the reliability and performance of these networks become increasingly critical. An AwareHome™ network can be managed remotely. We can diagnose and solve issues without a technician on-site.

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Advanced home security with cutting edge smart home innovations and a unique approach to homeowner’s insurance.

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Introducing BrightWatch.

Protect your family and your home like you've never been able to, get truly state-of-the-art automation, and save money doing it.

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Our extensive insurance background is the driver for much of what we do - limit risk. Today's tech can do much more than most "alarm" companies offer...we're passionate about pushing that envelope.

Say "buh-bye" to that outdated panel with the rubber buttons and the tired 4 digit code. Your BrightWatch home has a 7" full-color touchscreen that is the hub of a truly aware system that can also be controlled by entirely from your smartphone.

The right technology can only go so far. Just as each home is unique, so is each system. Off-the-shelf just won't cut it anymore. This takes thought. We're thinkers. We take this stuff really seriously and we love what we do.

Headquartered in Austin, TX.

Created by insurance veterans.

Bred on innovation.

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