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Introducing Heatmaps and Bounding Boxes

Welcome to Verkada's exciting new features on the Command portal (released February '19). Introducing the addition of Bounding Boxes and Heatmaps!

Essentially your Verkada camera becomes a sensor that can plot the location and duration of people and vehicles within a frame. Layered on top of the history player in the Command portal, gives you the ability to summarize hours of data quickly and jump to a specific segment of interest. See a high-level overview of when and where human activity was detected within the camera's history timeline, then easily scrub through footage to pinpoint the precise time of an event. View, share or archive time-stamped, watermarked HD footage indefinitely.

Additionally, with Heatmaps, users can create on-demand visualizations of how their space is being utilized. This feature can be implemented on any Verkada camera over a configurable time period—providing restaurants, retailers, school administrators, warehouse & distribution centers (among many others) with insights into space planning, staffing levels, customer behavior and advertising effectiveness, to name a few.