Andy Priesman


Career Insurance Professional | Entrepreneur | Innovator

Andy started his career with the New York Life Insurance Company in 2002 and went on to start a Farmers Insurance Agency in early 2005. In 2008 after Hurricane IKE Andy saw that he could better serve his clients if he had the autonomy to innovate more freely. Greenway Insurance & Risk Management Agency, Inc, and independent agency, was established in 2007. This allowed Andy to expand into new markets and open up branch offices in Plano and Austin, Texas and Oxnard, CA. Andy innovated new ways to increase efficiency in the agency and push the envelope on technology within the agency and up the food chain with the insurance carriers.

Always seeking new ways to increase opportunity and limit risk, Andy has been on the forefront of "Insure Tech." The explosion of IOT (internet-of-things) and the ever increasing methods of monitoring smart homes has created the opportunity to do a much better job of mitigating risk of loss from things like water damage.

Andy's significant insurance industry experience and his penchant for innovation culminated in Andy co-founding BrightWatch in March of 2017.

Andy is a native Houstonian and grew up in Sugar Land, Texas. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. Andy lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Elana, and his daughters Mia and Evie.