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Visitor Management

Another BrightWatch solution to simplify visitor management and scale security by integrating seamlessly with video security and access control.

The New Generation of Visitor Management


The Guest visitor management system simplifies check-in while strengthening security.

Since it is built within the software platform where the other elements of security surveillance live, visitor management is now even more secure. Guest enables organizations to manage the entire visitor experience – from check-in to check-out. This allows organizations to take advantage of the pre-built video and access control integrations – whether it’s reviewing video of visitor activity to remotely unlocking doors for specific use cases.

Simplify Visitor Management while Strengthening Security

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Secure Centralized Management of Visitors and Employees

Built upon the Verkada security platform and integrated across the product stack, admins can manage guest logs, review video footage and remotely unlock doors – all from the software portal.


Fully Customizable

We understand that your needs are unique. From branding to custom sign-in flows and document types, admins can customize the experience in minutes.

Protect Students with Extensive Screening

Instantly screen visitor information against a national sex offender database. Deny entry and alert relevant staff to those who pose a risk.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

Simply sign-in via an email invite, iPad kiosk or QR code. Guests can then simply follow the flow to check-in, and hosts are instantly notified to greet them. These alerts are customizable as well. Guest settings can be configured with ease using the software platform.

Some of the key features surrounding this product include (but are not limited to):

  • Integrate with Cameras & Access Control
  • Role-based permissions
  • Customizable visitor experience
  • Touchless check-in
  • Calendar invitations
  • Document signing
  • Badge printing
  • Automatic arrival notifications
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Security Screening