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Alarm Systems

Elevate your industry with a fully integrated cloud-based alarm system complemented by professional monitoring

Add wired or wireless sensors for complete building coverage.

Security Solutions

Alarm Systems

Living in the Verkada Command software, the alarm system provides industries and organizations in all sectors with tools to detect and respond to threats across their physical spaces.

Included with Alarms is 24/7 professional monitoring with optional video verification and emergency dispatch capabilities. While your site is armed, trained operators at UL–Listed central stations are standing by to assess and help respond to incidents. Organizations have the ability to provide operators with controlled access to event–based video feeds to reduce false alarms and provide essential context during emergencies.

What makes our alarm solution special is the system’s ability to leverage data captured across other devices including cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and intrusion sensors to identify important events and provide visibility as incidents unfold. A visualization of how these elements work together to give way to a fully integrated alarm system is displayed below:


Assess the Situation

Verkada’s agents investigate potential alarms raised by events from any of your Verkada devices, screening out false alarms and escalating real threats.

Make Contact

When an alarm is raised, agents immediately call and send SMS messages to your predetermined contact list. If they see an emergency in progress, agents will contact local emergency services immediately.

Take Action

If a threat is confirmed, or if no contacts can be reached, agents will dispatch local first responders to the site address. You can rest assured that your dilemma are in good hands.

Keep your alarm system up and running during loss of internet or power with plug and play cellular modules and integrated backup batteries.

Detect after hours activity with camera analytics, all verified by human reviewers.

Secure points-of-entry with detection of door-based events such as a door being forced or held open.

Protect spaces with detection of environmental changes that pose a threat to facilities and staff.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Centralization

Alarms can be managed from anywhere with Verkada’s Command platform and the associated mobile app. Additionally, organizations can deploy Verkada’s Alarm Console with several functionalities. Some of these key features are listed below:

  • Arm and disarm your site with integrated digital keypad
  • See recent events, live camera feeds, and device status reports
  • Initiate panic alarm in an emergency
  • Using the built–in camera, microphone, and speaker, instantly communicate with on site staff or talk down to intruders
  • Users can initiate a call to the Alarm Console from any computer without plugins or additional software
  • Configure custom audio messages to play in the event of an alarm, and broadcast messages through external speakers (includes 3.5 mm audio jack output)

Visualization of the 24/7 professional monitoring that is taking place

This cloud–based management solution delivers secure remote access with an intuitive interface for ease of use